Power of Four Elements in Us

Air -  Spirit

  Inspiration, Creativity, Scientific Discoveries, Vision

Air Power

Spirituality -imagination-inspiration -creative out of box thinking, conceptual visionary mind, prayer, meditation, intentional breathing, ti-chi, visualization, alpha mode for brain, “aha” moments, problem solving, innovating, coming up with a new idea, etc.

“Out of thin Air”

People who are strong in Air element are more often: Innovators, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, writers etc.

Preferred activities: visualizing, dreaming, looking at the big picture, taking initiative, challenging assumptions, metaphoric thinking, creative problem solving, long term thinking.

Air energizing activities:

Daily meditations, prayer, conscious breathing, visualization exercises, affirmations, trying to look for creative “out of box” solutions. Taking time alone on a daily as well as weekly basis. Daily: 5 minutes for meditation, favorite song, prayer, just silence etc. Weekly: going to the museum, park, movies, concert, restaurant, dating yourself! Reflection journals – writing down your ideas, thoughts, worries, expressing gratitude daily.



Fire -  Mind

Organizational Skills, Taking Action, Logical Sequential Mind


Fire Power

Sequential thinking, logical steps, following directions, detail oriented work, step-by-step problem solving, organization and implementation, safekeeping, structured, planning.

People with Strong Fire often are accountants, police, military, athletes, administrators, project managers, production managers, producers etc.

“I am Fired Up”

Energizing Your Fire:

Type of exercise -cardio, running, generating heat, burning fat Food - warmth generating food such as spices, turmeric, cinnamon etc. In business, it means taking step by step action, creating lists, project management, follow through, creating prototype, creating business plan and implementing it. In daily life: being on time, tidying up your surroundings, running, being on time, crossing the “t’s” dotting the “i”s.

Fire is best summarized in the Nike slogan “Just Do It”


Water -Emotions

Relationships, Communications, Self-Expression, Music, Dance, Art 


Water Power

Emotions, Interpersonal thinking, Relationships, Romantic love, Contribution, Nurturing, Caring, Empathy, Compassion, Emotional intelligence, Artistic Expression 

“I am in the flow”

Activities: listening to and expressing ideas, looking for personal meaning, sensory input, and group interaction, art, theater, music, opera, reading poetry, literature, watching comedies. Maintaining good relationships with friends, family, co-workers, boss, partner, kids. Day to day caring, loving, nurturing, paying attention, complimenting.

People with strong Water are often teachers, nurses, salespeople, managers etc.

Energizing Water:

Exercises: Dance, Swimming, Bathing, other water activities etc. Foods- Balanced Liquid/Water intake In business: after you came up with the idea (Air) and took step-by step action to make the prototype (Fire) now it is time to promote, connect with others, market your product, do public relations campaign (Water) Small acts of kindness: opening a door for someone , finding time to play with  kids, volunteering at the Food Bank etc.


Earth -Body

Analytical, Mathematical, Financial Skills, Body, Health, Grooming


Earth Power

Body, Health, Wealth, Money, Nourishment, Abundance, Manifestation of Dreams, Marriage, Commitment, Dedication.

“Down to Earth”

Realists are often people with strong Earth element, associated professions are often: Doctors, Attorneys, Financial Analysts, Mathematicians, Bankers, Detectives.  

Energizing Earth element:

Managing finances, investing Exercise: weight lifting, yoga, slow, anaerobic exercises In business; selling an invention, getting rewarded, getting paid, achieving results In relationships -committing, marriage, mature deep love Gardening, playing with clay, manual labor, cooking, hiking, nature walks

Earth helps us to be in the moment in a most awake and aware state. Whenever you feel that you are too caught up in your “inner chatter,” call on the Earth element to help.

Best exercise for grounding yourself, or “Awakening to Reality,” is to quickly look left, right, up and down. Repeat if necessary. You can also intentionally touch/taste/smell something to bring your attention back to reality from your head.

Balancing the Elements

So if your goal is to strengthen a certain aspect in your life, surround yourself with that element, immerse yourself in it to keep it fresh in your mind and spirit.

If you’d like to strengthen your spiritual life, connection with god, universe, oneness, or creativity, Air is your element. Smell a good fragrance, listen to good music, wear air symbols, and breathe!

If you have too many ideas but lack the ability to get things done, take action, be organized, punctual, or even to tidy up, then Fire element is your new friend! Light a candle, sit next to fireplace, take a cardio class, wear fire elements, go for a run, tidy up, and get fired up!

If you feel lonely, want more love, attention, connection, want to contribute, interact, have more fun, and enjoy yourself more, then you need to literally and figuratively immerse yourself in Water. Think how water doesn’t judge but flows everywhere and embraces anything, connects small and big, nourishes and cleanses. You can wear blue aquamarine, wear Water symbols, water images, get a fish tank, or literally immerse yourself in a bath, Jacuzzi, or ocean, as often as you can.

If you struggle to find your center, to take care of yourself, or to make commitments, then Earth is a very good element to be friends with, especially for people with a lot of AIR or Water element. Earth helps us feel grounded, helps us to commit, keep us down to Earth and realize our ideas. Earth element helps us to not only care about others but also pay attention to our bodies and our health. Get a small plant, wear Earth elements, play with clay, and literally keep your feet on the ground and preferably barefoot!



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